1327 N Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 304-1477

Clean Marina Certification!


Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the management and tenants, Affinity Marina was EnviroStars certified and designated as a "Clean Marina" in the State of Washington. It joins an exclusive group of marinas that are dedicated to preserving the water quality for future use through sound operational practices!

For more information on the Clean Marina program, please visit www.cleanmarinawashington.org. 

Water availability


Please be advised that water service on the docks may be unavailable during periods of cold temperatures. We will do our best to maintain water service where possible, but please watch forecasts frequently and top off as needed in advance of freezing temperatures if you require water on board. 



Cold weather is here again. Please ensure your vessel is appropriately winterized to handle any and all winter conditions. Please refer to Tenant Resource page for helpful tips on winterizing your vessel. If you need assistance, please contact Marina Management.